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Wealth Accumulation and Creation

Did you know the Self Managed Super Fund Association of Australia retirement standard for a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle requires a minimum yearly income of roughy $57,665 for couples and $42,158 for singles?

Unbelievably, only 50% of couples and a mere 20% of singles are actually expected to achieve those figures.

What is your estimated annual retirement income and will you have enough to cover the full length of retirement? More than 90% of workers approaching retirement within the next twenty years will require a partial pension at some point during their retirement. Far too many retirees do not adequately prepare for the devastating effects of inflation or complicated tax rules that can play havoc with superannuation and retirement wealth.

Find out what you need to do now to start preparing for and transitioning toward the retirement lifestyle you want. It is never too late or too early to start planning. It shouldn’t be approached with the attitude of “She’ll be right mate, I should have enough in Super”.

It is estimated that a couple retiring at 65 now would need a lump sum of approx. $500,000 to fund a comfortable retirement. However, the average superannuation payout currently falls way short; for men it is $198,000 and for women $112,000. Furthermore, as life expectancy increases, this projection will need to be raised.

If you're serious about reaching your long-term lifestyle and financial goals, and you want to make sure you're looking at all your options, you need wealth accumulation and wealth creation advice from a professional financial adviser. 

Wealth Accumulation

Successful wealth accumulation requires you to follow a clearly defined and tailored financial plan through each life stage to achieve your personal long-term goals.  

A KSM Wealth financial plan includes diversified investments and varied asset allocation (e.g. the proportion of shares, property, bonds and cash) coupled with tax minimisation strategies to suit your individual circumstances.  We also pay consideration to the length of time you will be investing and level of risk.

Wealth Creation

Successful wealth creation is making full use of all the investment opportunities presented within a diversified plan.

Once the parameters of your personalised plan have been set i.e. investment goals, timeframes and asset allocation, the KSM Wealth team will then set regular portfolio reviews with you. This ensures that your financial plan is keeping abreast of changing tax laws, global financial influences and of course; changes in your own personal circumstances.

Our Promise at Each Life Stage

KSM Wealth will provide ongoing support and education to help you make informed and diversified investment decisions at each life stage;

  • whether you are a single professional or tradesman with a fledgling business
  • a dual-income couple or young family with one main breadwinner
  • planning for retirement or contemplating aged care services for your parents or a loved partner

KSM Wealth implement strategies that help you create and save your wealth, regardless of your life stage.

Our Commitment

We will protect your wealth against life's unexpected stumbling blocks by ensuring you have adequate contingency funds and insurance in place.

We will empower you to achieve a stress free financial future with tax minimisation and investment strategies.

We will help you transition smoothly into retirement safe in the knowledge that you savings will provide an above average lifestyle.

We will continue to provide advice beyond retirement with estate planning and aged care services to ensure your continued wellbeing and the transfer of assets to your preferred beneficiaries.

For more information please contact our friendly and knowledgable team.

'Our Care. Your Success'

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