5 Different Types of Property Inspections

If you’re a property owner, you’ll have to deal with a property inspection at some point in time. Property inspections are done for several reasons. Aside from being sure that your property follows the local codes, you might even discover structural problems that can’t be seen easily giving you a head start in repairing them early on. There are different types of property inspections. Although it’s not necessary that you experience all of them, it would be a great help if you know the basics and what to expect for every inspection type. Here are the 5 common types of property inspections.

City Inspection

These are the types of inspections that are done depending on your property’s location. For instance, before you can sell, build or renovate a home, you’ll need to get a certificate of occupancy first. Before you can have this, your property will undergo an inspection to see if it is fit to be lived in. To ensure that your property meets the city’s health and safety codes, an inspection should also be done before you can be given a certificate of habitability.

State Inspection

In addition to city inspections, there are also inspections conducted by the state to ensure that every property meets habitability standards. It could be done every few years, or depending on the conditions made by the state. Adelaide Precise Inspections is one of the leading property inspection companies in Australia. Whether you need a state or any other kind of inspection, you can surely trust their services.

Bank Inspection

This type of inspection is usually done if you’re planning to buy or if someone wants to buy your property through bank financing. The bank will appraise your property to see if it worth the price. An appraisal will also determine if the bank will want to lend some resources on that property. This inspection is not commonly done for every residential property but is an essential part when buying or selling high-end homes and business spaces.

Construction Inspection

If you’re having a construction project in your property, some states require this kind of inspection to be sure that all the work done is up to code. You’ll need a building inspection if you’re having constructions that are not related to electrical, plumbing or fire. Those three require separate inspections to see if they pass the safety standards.

Insurance Inspection

This inspection is done when you’re planning to buy an insurance policy for your property. An exterior and interior walkthrough will be done by the property inspector to check the area for damages and problems such as damaged walls and ceilings. This is also to make sure that you’re getting the right type of policy for your property. It is also essential in determining whether the property is still insurable or not.

Properties undergo an inspection due to different reasons. With this basic information, you’ll know which kind of inspection you need and what to expect during the process.

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