Can Tanning Injections Kill You?

Tanning is a trend that most of us love to do. We all dream of achieving the bronze skin that we see on fashion magazines every day. While some of us love the natural tanning and spending some quality time under the sun, some of us love fake-tanning or self-tanning.

This includes sunbeds, spray tans and tanning injections. However, these methods are not without controversy. So are they really harmful? Can tanning injections really be bad for your body? Read below to find out the challenges you may face when tanning and how you can avoid them.


This is something you will have to face if you do not follow the right tanning steps. This goes both natural and fake tans spays. When you are opting for natural tans, make sure you use a sunscreen or choose tanning oil that has SPF value above 15. If you wear a spray tan, then when you go outside wear sun protection. This is because even when spay tans darkens your skin it doesn’t give you protection from the ultraviolet rays.


When it comes to tanning pray and injections, there can be occasions of having allergic reactions to the chemicals present in them. You may be allergic to DHA or other chemical preservatives found in fake tanning materials. The best solution for this is to consult an expert before jumping straight into a tanning method d of your choice. If you already have a sunless method that you have tried and worked for you, stick to it. But if you are trying out something new, then consult someone who can give you advice based on factors such as your age or skin sensitivity.

Adverse Effects

Tanning injections are actually one of the controversial methods of tanning. Its side effect includes nausea, flushing, loss of appetite and drowsiness. But beyond this, certain researches have implied that injections may lead to more adverse health effects such as erectile dysfunction in men, skin cancer or kidney failure. Although experts suggest that there needs to be more research on these areas, opting for tanning sprays remain to be the safer option.

Skin Conditions

Most of the times skin conditions such as itching or irritation happen when you do not follow the right procedure of spray tanning. For example, if you do not exfoliate your skin before using your spray product. Make sure to exfoliate and dry your skin before tanning.

Or if you get your spray tan all over your bedsheets, this can be another reason for irritated skin. This situation is no better than makeup stains on the bed. If left for a while they can carry germs. In order to avoid this, wash your sheets properly if there are any stains. When tanning in future, make sure to use a tan bed sheet protector before going to bed.

Most of the ill effects of tanning can be easily avoided by following the right tanning procedures. But some of them can be quite adverse and do require specialist knowledge or other alternative options. So be careful when you choose your tanning methods in order to stay both beautiful and healthy.

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