Creative Yet Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Home

Adding color and life to your humble homestead doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive project. By spending money wisely, on the right thing that will improve the look and feel of your living space, you too can call an artistic and vibrant living space home, and we have listed down a few ways in which you can do just this.

Get Creative with Walls

Walls should encase your room and frame all that you have inside. Anyone can use a bunch of different colors, but that wouldn’t do any good unless done creatively, according to a theme. Start by hanging a few vibrant, yet tasteful art pieces on the walls and make sure these match the color of the cushions, rugs, or drapes.

Of course, the more permanent and extreme leap would be to change the paint color altogether. But you will have to think long and hard before deciding on this because if you go wrong the first time, redoing things will be a real hassle. The colors you use to paint your walls will also have an impact on how you feel when you enter a room. For instance, yellow generates a happy feeling; blue is involved with serenity and red with excitement.

Bring a Bit of Nature Indoors

The trick here is to bring natural elements inside your house and make the interior look fresh and alive. Bring a few plants indoors, plants that aren’t too big, and do not need a whole lot of water and sunshine. Flowering plants are great for small rooms to be kept by the window where they will get loads of sunlight.

Furniture made out of wood, straw, and cane is also great for making the interior look fresh, without compromising on the sleek look. An aquarium will not only add a beautiful water element to your home, but the bubbling sound of the aquarium air pump will add so much life to your living space.


All those who enjoy the peace and tranquility of indoors will appreciate the addition of a few candles around the place. You can use candles as a centerpiece to create the right ambiance in any room. You can make a DIY project out of this and make creative jars or glasses of candles of different color combinations since candles are malleable and you can fir or melt them into container shape.

Scented candles are perfect for transporting your homestead into a therapeutic sanctuary that will wow all your guests with an olfactory treat every time they come over.


Coming home after a hard day of work, only to find a living space with a bunch of stuff crammed into every nook and corner is not the ideal setting, and you will not be able to relax in such an atmosphere. Understand that you don’t necessarily have to display everything that you own in your living room because this can seriously clutter the entire room.

There should be some open spaces and a considerable separation between furniture and other such items. Nothing should be left lying around and if there are things that you don’t really use anymore which are taking up space inside the house, consider selling them off at a yard sale, and earning some money in the process.

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