Horse Care: Caring for Your Riding Companion

If you have been riding a horse but this is your first time bringing one home, there is a big difference caring for a horse 24/7. This time the horse would be dependent on you all the time. You need to know about the basics of good horse care in order for the horse to fully acclimate on a life with you. You need to know how to house, feed and care for your horse. Having a reliable veterinarian, you could call during emergencies is also recommended.

Basic Essentials

A horse is different from the usual house pets like a cat or a dog. Their needs are more complex too and unlike other domesticated animals who only need to be out of the house every once in a while, horses need to have a pasture or a spacious land where they could run. They also need to have grass for grazing or good quality hay.

They need to have a supply of clean water. Since they are big animals, they need to have a roomy shelter to protect them from the elements. Horses need a clean area where they could lie down and a Saxon horse rugs is preferable to keep them warm and dry. If you have any other animals such as goats or sheep or other horses, that would be ideal since horses need companionship.

Health Care

Horses get sick too and if you are frequently riding them, injuries and accidents might happen. Before you keep calling your veterinarian for every little thing, you should educate yourself for basic health care and learn how to identify symptoms and if it is basic enough, to know how to treat them.

You should know how to take your horse’s vital signs, first aid treatment for ailments and injuries and the cause and cure for common sicknesses that horses experience. When you have a stock knowledge of all these, you are less likely to panic when you notice that your horse is feeling under the weather.


Even if your horse is not a show horse or you would not be riding them for competition, regular grooming is still necessary, if possible, daily. There are numerous benefits to constant grooming. First and foremost, it strengthens your bond with your horse. It also gives you the time and opportunity to check and inspect for any injuries or infections.

When you groom your horse, clean their hooves and remove any dirt or manure stuck on it. Check also for any cracks on the hoof’s wall. Next, comb your horse’s coat using a curry comb or a grooming mitt. Check for any lesions or wounds. Next, comb the tail and mane. Invest in a grooming spray to help to detangle the knots. Don’t forget to clean and check the eyes, ears and muzzle too.

Owning a horse is a lot of work. But they are your companion to help keep you fit, to help you meet other riders, trainers, owners and they are a wise investment.


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