Symptoms of a Car in Need of a Wheel Alignment

Our car must always be in tip top shape since not caring and properly maintaining it could be the cause of road accidents. One of the things that responsible car owners should check is the wheel alignment. This is necessary for the vehicle to perform well. If the wheels need alignment and the owner neglected to get it checked, the percentage of costly tire damage and accident is very likely.

If you get your vehicle regularly checked, don’t forget your car’s wheels. Ask your mechanic to inspect it to ensure the longevity of your tires and your safety while driving. If you are aware of the symptoms of misaligned wheels, it would be easier for you to know when your vehicle is due for a tune-up.

Uneven Wearing of Tires

One of the obvious symptoms of misaligned wheels is uneven wearing. If some parts of your wheels are more damaged than other sections, your wheels might need an alignment. If you would neglect this, you would shell out more money by replacing your tires instead of just spending the minimum in wheel alignment. Misalignment also affects your car’s suspension. If your vehicle’s suspension is impaired, it could also lead to more expensive repairs.

Difficulty in Steering

If you have difficulty in maneuvering your vehicle, there could be a problem with the power steering system, or the wheels are misaligned. If you notice your steering wheel is crooked even if you are continuously driving straight, the problem lies with your wheels. Get a wheel alignment Perth service to avoid any accidents or major vehicle repair and overhaul. If you were recently involved in a road mishap and you had difficulty in steering after this or your car is pulling to the right even when you are driving to the left of your steering wheel is making too much noise, inform your mechanic of this valuable information for them to conduct a thorough inspection of your wheels.

Squeaking Wheels

When your wheels are squeaking, your car’s suspension could be off. If you bring your vehicle to an auto shop, they would check the three major elements of your vehicle’s suspension; toe, camber and caster. If the angle of your tire is too inward or outward the wheels need to be adjusted. If your steering axis is tilted toward the driver or tilting toward the front of your car, the wheels also need adjustment to make sure that the caster angle is at the center to make your vehicle more stable. These major components are necessary for wheel alignment mechanism to ensure that all four wheels of your car are optimized to connect your vehicle to the road. If one or more is jeopardized, your car’s performance would be defective.

There are various causes for your wheel to misalign. You could accidentally hit something or drive over a pothole and even minor accidents could make your wheels out of position. If these situations happen to you but you did not notice any of the symptoms, still go and visit your mechanic to confirm everything is in order.

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